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What is lockdown science all about?

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Hi everyone! And welcome to #lockdownscience where I'll share some science experiments you can run at home and we can share ideas about how to teach our kids science and explore the world we live in... all while confined to our homes.

I'm Merry Conaty, scientist by day... and now also teacher and daycare provider by day. Like the rest of you we are in Covid-19 lockdown and our life is now one long multi-tasking event as we muddle through this together.

The teachers at my son's school have been incredibly supportive, and we have the lesson plans and materials we need. But how do we mix it up? How do I engage and occupy the little ones? How can I encourage them to explore and question and investigate the world? And how on earth can I do this without any special equipment or materials, since going to the shops is pretty much out of the question?

Well it turns out the world of your home, pantry, fridge and garden is full of interesting things to investigate and find out! I hope this will inspire you to build some of these quick and easy experiments into your days, and to share with your kids the joy of asking questions about the world and using whatever they have right in front of them to find the answer. Because in the end, that's what science is! Please join in, share photos of what you're attempting and let us know how it goes. Let's get some Lockdown Science happening.

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