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Welcome to Lockdown Science for Kids

Welcome to Lockdown science for kids! You don't need a science degree or fancy equipment to do some science at home - it's much easier than you think. Here you'll find the experiments we have been running at home. All very low-tech. No fancy photography. Just what's in the pantry and the fridge, and some fun for the kids.

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What is lockdown science all about?

Hi everyone! And welcome to #lockdownscience where I'll share some science experiments you can run at home and we can share ideas about how to teach our kids science and explore the world we live in... all while confined to our homes. I'm Merry Conaty, scientist by day... and now also teacher and daycare provider by day. Like the rest of you we are in Covid-19 lockdown and our life is now one long multi-tasking event as we muddle through this together. The teachers at my son'

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