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Welcome to Lockdown Science for Kids

Welcome to Lockdown science for kids! You don't need a science degree or fancy equipment to do some science at home - it's much easier than you think. Here you'll find the experiments we have been running at home. All very low-tech. No fancy photography. Just what's in the pantry and the fridge, and some fun for the kids.

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Ice cream in a bag

This one is half science experiment, half cooking... a whole exciting activity for a lockdown afternoon tea! This activity uses the...

The science of autumn leaves

Did you know that the changing colours of leaves in autumn is so dramatic in some parts of the world, that you can even see it from...

What can you grow from your food scraps?

Lockdown is the perfect time to slow the pace down, and watch some plants sprout and grow before your very eyes. And instead of heading...

Soft as a cloud slime!

We have tried many a slime recipe in our house, but this was a new one for us today! The idea for this one came from Dr Jenny Kobernick,...

Magic Milk

This is a great science experiment for very little people, since they don't need to understand any of the why but will enjoy watching it!...

Sugar crystal lollipops

If there is anything that makes my kids happy it is sugar. So this experiment was a hit as soon as I told them sugar was involved! This...

Hot Ice

Here is an experiment which definitely has a wow factor, and was highly entertaining for us at home today. This is how you can take two...

Bouncy eggs

By now you've probably tried making bouncy balls... but bouncy eggs? Making bouncy eggs demonstrates how two chemicals can interact, in...

Egg in a bottle

Since Easter is coming up, here is another egg experiment! I hope everyone panic bought extra eggs. So for today... how can you get a...

Make your own Crystal Easter Eggs

Lets be honest, we all have time to run a few experiments which take a while - no one is going away for Easter. Here is how you can start...

Lockdown Bouncy Balls

We spent the morning yesterday BOUNCING these around the house after enjoying this little chemistry experiment. By using some very basic...


What is better for small people than the chance to fling things through the air? It brings them so much joy. Early into our lockdown...

Rainbow celery

Here's a good experiment for the very small people who are in lockdown at the moment, anyone can do this one and enjoy it! This...

Make your own lava lamp

Yesterday my kids and I took to our garden to try our hand at making a lava lamp. This experiment isn't complicated, but gives you the...

What is lockdown science all about?

Hi everyone! And welcome to #lockdownscience where I'll share some science experiments you can run at home and we can share ideas about...

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